5 Outdoor Travel gear shops in UK

If you are planning to go hiking, trekking or simply out in the vast woods out there, make sure to buy appropriate travel gear for it. Unless you are wearing the right clothes and carrying the right accessories, outdoor travel can become a nightmare. Here is a list of 5 such travel gear shops in the UK where you will find appropriate and good quality apparel and travel gear for your adventure.

1. Rock + Run
A great shop for technical mountaineering gear and apparel. Their staff is a part of the mountaineering community in the UK and will be able to help you pick up the right travel gear.
2. Outdoor Emporium
Though a small family run camping shop, these guys are always well-stocked and their knowledgeable staff have the best advice when it comes to picking up good camping gear.
3. Ellis Brigham
A popular mountaineering shop in the UK, it started out as a cycling shoes fitter. 23 stores across UK, knowledgeable staff and a wide range of kit will help you make the right choice for any type of expedition you are planning for.
4. Snow + Rock
Initially a shop for skiing and snowboarding gear, Snow + Rock today carries a good range of camping gear as well for your outdoor travel requirement.
5. Waterloo camping
One of most well-stocked shop, Waterloo camping is an army surplus store with a wide range of military apparel and camping gear.
While some of you might prefer shopping online, a visit to these brick and mortar stores is a treat in itself.