Travel accessories for women

Travel accessories for women

Men and women tend to travel differently. So, here’s a list of travel accessories for women that are a must.

Personal attack alarm

Always carry this alarm whenever you are travelling, alone or otherwise. Though light and small, this alarm is 120 decibel loud and can scare away intruders or attackers easily.

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

This kit contains 17 mini travel accessories for women including a deodorant and Advil which can prove to be crucial on any trip. Just keep it in your carry on bag at all times. You won’t have to worry about carrying or forgetting all those essential items separately.

Portable Camping Shower

Why compromise on a hot shower while on the road? This portable shower can be filled with water and allowed to heat up in the sun. Then all you need to do is hang the bag somewhere and set up the hose for a nice and warm shower.

Luggage Stacking Strap

If you find handling multiple pieces of luggage a bit daunting then you must get this strap which will allow you to secure your messenger bag or laptop bag to your larger suitcase. You can move faster when you have just one piece of luggage to worry about.


If you are concerned about your fitness routine on the road but hate going to the hotel gyms? A FitKit is the best thing you can buy. Developed by an expert, this compact kit holds a few accessories and cards which guide you through a cardio, stretching and strength training routine.