What to pack when you are travelling

Travelling is always fun. However, packing for it, is an arduous task. While first time travelers find it most difficult to decide on how to pack up wisely, efficiently and as lightly as possible, it is a dilemma even the most seasoned travelers might find themselves facing.

Also, sometimes it is more about packing smartly than lightly. It is helpful to have a list handy while packing just to ensure you have taken all the essential items and not overpacked either.

Favor hard-shell carry-on suitcases rather than the soft ones. They will protect your clothes better. A backpack is a great option for carrying your carry-on luggage. It lets you stay handsfree and is comfortable for long trips.

Apart from your clothes and shoes, here’s a list of what you should never forget to pack.

  • Documents

Don’t forget your tickets, passports and hotel bookings. Also, carry copies of your id proofs and other important documents that might be required on the trip.

  • Money

Cash, travelers cheques and credit cards should be kept safely in your wallets or carry-on pouches. If possible, mark different envelopes and keep cash separately.

  • Toiletries

Although your hotel will provide the basic toiletries, it is never a bad idea to carry your own.

  • Electronics

Remember to pack chargers, power banks and memory devices to transfer all your pics. Get a universal charger for international trips.

  • Medical aid

Pack a few generic OTC drugs for headaches, sprains, stomach aches and fever. A few band-aids and flu medication isn’t a bad idea either.

  • Travel security

Travel safes are a good option. At the least, get travel locks for your bags as well as your notebooks.

After a trip or two, you will become much better at packing economically. Always remember this list and you’ll be good to go, literally.