Travel essentials for men

Men like to travel light. While women love their 3-piece matching baggage sets, men are the happiest to sling that backpack on and get going. They prefer carrying only the bare necessities and essential items. So, here’s a list of travel essentials for men who travel often for business or pleasure.

A Toiletry bag holds all your grooming products and can be a great space saver when it comes to packing up. So, unless you want to spend your entire trip scrubbing that shaving cream off your favorite blazer, invest in a good toiletry bag. A leather one with a waterproof interior is the best one you can opt for.

The Carry-on bag might be considered a little frivolous for men, but when it is about keeping all your important items in one place or setting off for just a weekend, it is the perfect option. Buy one which is made of a tough material and can handle all kinds of weather conditions. The size should be good enough to be on any airline as the carry-on luggage and accommodate all your essentials. A good bag will have specific compartments for your papers, electronics and your clothes.

While suits and blazers are compulsory for any business trip, a pair of cargos and contrasting t-shirts are perfect for any kind of travelling. The cargo pants are an excellent choice since they are comfortable and their zillion pockets will help you ditch the hand baggage and travel handsfree. If it is not your thing, get clothes you are comfortable in.

A good pair of sunglasses, a rugged watch which will live to tell the tale and a pair of comfortable sneakers will complete the list. The sunglasses should offer UV protection, the watch should preferably have time zones and alarms while the sneakers should be light weight and provide ventilation.

Happy tripping!