Backpacking bags

Backpacking through the world on your own terms is probably the most satisfying and liberating experience. The bag, an important accessory for any kind of travel, becomes the most essential part of a backpacker’s trip.

There are three important criteria a backpacking bag should satisfy before you decide to go ahead and buy it.

  • The capacity

This is usually decided by the length of your trip and the number of things you would need to carry. Trips over the weekend or for 3-5 nights will require bags with capacity between 30-60 liters. Longer trips, winter trips and family outings where you end up carrying your kids’ stuff will require bigger bags of 70 liters and more.


  • The features

Consider the various features the bag has before making a choice.

The bags with internal frames help in keeping the hiker stable on uneven terrain while the ones with external frames work better if you plan to carry irregular loads. The frameless ones are lightest and the best for fast hikers.

The ventilation of the bag helps in keeping your back sweat free while easy access to stored items is offered by panels on the bag. A removable day pack, sleeping bag compartment, extra padding and attachment points are other such features you need to consider while purchasing your bag.

  • The fit

The bag should match your torso length so that you can carry it easily. Make sure the hip belt allows you to support the bag on your hips. There are also specific bags for women and teens which are better suited to their respective torso types.

Apart from buying the perfect bag, a backpacker also needs to acquire the art of smart packing. You need to be an efficient packer and find less-bulky gear to meet your requirements on the trip. Strict self-discipline and proper planning are key to packing light. So, pack up that bag and head out into the wild!