Choosing your travel clothing

Your choice of travel clothing can make or mar your trip. The usual questions daunting any traveler are “What clothes to wear”, “What to pack” and “How many”. Your clothing fabric and style depends heavily on the type of trip you are taking. International travel, backpacking, adventure, city touring, all need very different type of clothes. Though it seems overwhelming, smart planning can make selecting your travel clothing easier.

Also, these days your travel clothing is no longer boring, in the same color and with a million zippers! There are clothes for fashionistas, for the minimalist traveler and also for the savvy backpacker. You can now pick up clothes for your travel and look good in them as well.

The key to picking up the right clothes is to ensure they can be worn for various occasions and at any time of the day. Select fabrics which are breathable and easy to care for. Neutral colors are best, unless you can’t live without your yellows and bright reds, since they go with everything. If your trip has a lot of sun involved, pick up fabrics which have UV protection. There are few lines of travel clothing which provide insect protection and are a must if you are planning to travel to any such place.

Pockets are great to have on any sort of trip. A jacket with lots of pockets is great for all the practical travelers who would love to carry their world with them. However, the bulkiness of the jacket might not make it a favorite with the women. The cargo pant which turns into shorts is yet another option for the same reason. Head gear is another item of clothing you need to carry. Caps, hats and scarves can be used in all weathers and also provide a lot of protection.

Finally, carry less and travel light!