Backpacking Accessories that you need

Backpacking is probably the best and purest way of satiating your wanderlust. Not that flying around in first class and lying in the sun with that pitcher of margarita is a shabby way! The stress of the being out there in the wild is nothing compared to the frenzy you get in while packing for it. Here’s a starter list of a few essential accessories you need.

  1. Bag

The first and the most important thing you pick up for the trip is the backpack itself. A generic one is a good idea but get a special one if your trip requires one. Depending on the trail, you will need to decide the weight and other aspects of it. Don’t forget the repair kit.

  1. Route

Once you have the bag, you need to figure out the best way to track your path. There are great handheld navigators available and though your phone’s GPS can do the trick, it’s advisable to save its battery for emergencies. Keep a map just in case all else fails!

  1. The wild

Out there in the nature, you will face many obstacles from the harsh sun to torrid rains. Depending on the season you are backpacking in, pack proper accessories. Sun screens, lotions, sunglasses, insulation apparels, sleeping bags and tents are just the basics. Based on the type of terrain you will be backpacking through, you might need more specific backpacking accessories to deal with mother nature.

  1. Prepare for the worst

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Don’t forget torches, batteries, fire starter kits, waterproof bags or containers and your first aid kit.

  1. Delicacies

Unless you are planning to forage for your food, you will need to carry a good amount of supply to sustain you through your trip. Carry utensils, knives, water and a water treatment system.

Happy backpacking!