Essential travel gadgets for a vacation

Before you head out for that well-planned, dream vacation, make sure you are carrying these basic essential gadgets. A camera, video recorder and a selfie stick along with some kind of storage device, are the first things that you need to pack. A vacation is the best time to make and record some memories. Though your smartphones are more than capable of doing this, it is advisable to carry a dedicated camera so that your phone doesn’t run out of charge easily.

Given the amount of electronics we end up travelling with these days, a portable external battery charger should be next on your list of essential travel gadgets. Though there are many brands out there, you need to pick up one which has higher capacity and is slim and lightweight at the same time. A charger with more than one USB ports is a big plus.

Another essential travel gadget would be a power strip for your hotel room. There are compact wall plates available in the market now which provide power outlets as well as USB ports. This gadget can also be used in airports to charge up your devices for the long flights.

For any international travel, do not forget to pack in a trust international plug adapter. There are many generic ones available along with the all-in-one ones which also provide USB ports. A global translator is also a good buy if you prefer using a dedicated device for all your translation.

Finally, with all your souvenir shopping, a handheld digital luggage scale might be a sensible buy. Though you might not be able to skip the entire extra baggage fee, this device might at least help you keep things in control.

Now that you have your basic essential gadgets in order, it’s time to go out there and have some fun.