Must-have Travel gadgets for business trips

Most jobs today have gone global. This entails a fair amount of travel for the employees at every level. If your job has you on the road for most of the week, it is time for you to invest in some good travel accessories.

There are a range of travel gadgets and accessories which are bound to make your life and travel easier than before. There are some cool and quirky ones which may not be of much use compared to the functional gadgets which will make you wonder how you ever travelled without it before.

If you thought a universal charger was the most important thing today, think harder. With most of the hotels at home and abroad catering to the electronic needs of your trip, a wireless base station is probably more important. Plug in the Ethernet cable into it, hook it up to a power outlet and voila, you have your own private Wi-Fi domain. A portable wi-fi router is also a great travel gadget to bring along. And don’t ever leave without your portable battery charger.

Carrying a lot of important documents on your trip? You might want to get a Door Stop Alarm like the one at This alarm, when fixed to your door which alert you in case there’s an intruder trying to open your door.

Try to find that perfect overnight bag which can double up as your go-to bag when it comes to keeping all your electronics and important papers in the same place. It should be a waterproof or at least a water resistant one with proper slots for your tablet or phone, cables, papers etc. and it should be compact enough as well so that you don’t end up lugging around an overweight bag all day. Make your business travel more secure and comfortable and get yourself some functional travel gadgets today.