Travel Washing Line / Clothes Line for Travel and Backpackers


A handy travel washing line is a must for EpicTravellers and now comes in an innovative pegless design. Use the suction cups or hooks on either end to hang it up and twist clothes into the line. Rolls away into your wash bag.


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A handy travel washing line is a must for EpicTravellers and now comes in an innovative pegless design.

Hang up your drying clothes anywhere using the suction cups or hooks at either end of the line, transforming any space into a laundry room whenever you need it. Doesn’t need any special attachments and doesn’t leave a mark afterwards.

A travel washing line with a pegless design

By slipping clothes between the twines of the line you don’t need to carry the extra bulk of pegs.

  • Do extra washing, laundry or drying anywhere.
  • Total flexibility with hooks or suction cups.
  • No pegs required – clever twisting pegless design.
  • Small and lightweight for easy packing.

Types of Travel Washing Line

There are a few types of travel washing line available today. These include hooked vs suction, pegless vs pegged and elasticated vs non-elasticated designs. Choosing the best line for your travels can be a tricky task as it depends on where you plan to use your washing line.

Hooked travel washing lines are ideal in places with lots of places to connect the hooks to – such as a balcony. However, the hooks are less convenient in a bathroom.

Pegless washing lines are perfect for flexibility, however they cannot always hold up heavy clothes in high winds.

Elasticated clothes lines are almost always better for travel as they allow you to stretch your washing line across a variety of distances with ease. However, the only downside is that you have to take that into account when hanging it – before you attach any clothes!

Our travel washing line is designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. That is why our washing line is pegless and elasticated, and has both hooks and suction cups. If you wish to use hooks on our line for extra security, that’s easy too!

Advantages of using a washing line

Using a washing line has a number of advantages, especially for travel. They’re flexible and give you added versatility for your adventures. Regardless of where you are, you can almost always put up a travel washing line – even when there’s no electricity or anywhere clean to hang your clothes out to dry.

Plus, using a washing line saves money, emits no CO2, and protects your clothes from damage and shrinkage. Even better, if your clothes dry on a washing line in a breeze, you shouldn’t need to iron them either!

Travel Washing Line FAQs

Where can I hang my washing line?

You can hang your travel washing line between almost any fixed points up to approx 3m apart. This could be one side of the bathroom to another or between two windows or off the end of your bed.

How do I hang my washing line?

Our travel washing line has both hooks and suction cups. The hooks are ideal for hanging between to poles (by looping the line around the pole and connecting the hook back on the line itself) and the suction cups are designed to hang the line between two smooth bathroom wall tiles.

How long is EpicTraveller’s travel washing line?

Our washing line is 125cm long, but can stretch to a length of up to 3m.

How can a washing line be pegless?

The pegless design means you do not need pegs to hang your clothes on the line. The line is actually made up of several elasticated lines wrapped around each other. Therefore, you can hang your washing without pegs by looping parts of your clothes through the different lines.

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