Travel Security Belt


The travel security belt gives you extra security with a hidden zipped pocket. If you need extra stealthy security the concealed pocket can be used for cash, cards, and other valuables.


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Get extra security for your important documents, cash and bank cards, and valuables with the travel security belt. Tougher than a regular money belt this security belt features a metal buckle and a hidden zipped pocket.

Don’t be a victim of pickpockets while you travel or let thieves ruin your holiday. Keep everything secure and out of sight with a travel security belt.

How does a travel security belt work?

Along the edge of the belt is a hidden zipper leading to an internal compartment. From the outside the belt looks like a normal item of clothing. But you can store cash and valuables inside, discreet and out of sight.

Perfect for when you don’t want to look like a tourist and just want to blend into the background. Take a stealthy “grey man” approach to security.

Thieves and muggers target vulnerable tourists and be aware of the places holiday-makers normally conceal their cash and belongings. You might be forced to turn out your pockets or checked for a bumbag-style money belt under your clothes. A hidden compartment in a normal-looking belt is not something that thieves will expect.

It’s a good idea not to keep all your cash and valuables in one place to minimise the chance of everything being taken. Even if you just tuck a bit of cash into your belt it helps to spread the risk. Having that extra bit of cash will help you get organised – get a taxi, pay for phone calls and so on – if the worst does happen and you lose the rest.

It’s a sad truth that you do have to think about safety and security while you are on your travels. Losing cash, bank cards, documents or valuables isn’t just scary but derails your time away by having to deal with police, possibly embassies to replace essential travel documents, your bank, and insurance companies.

Advantages and features of a travel security belt

  • Black belt that looks just like a normal belt and doesn’t draw attention.
  • Keep your documents, cash, and valuables secure and on your person at all times.
  • Designed for security with a tough metal buckle and hidden compartment.
  • Secure compartment to easily and safely carry cash, papers and valuables while out and about on holiday.
  • Avoid pickpockets, thieves, and burglary by keeping important items on you and hidden.

What can I store in my belt?

There’s an obvious size limitation to the belt that means it isn’t suitable for all of your valuables. To maintain its disguise as a regular belt and hide the fact there is a hidden compartment inside it has to stay the same size as a regular belt.

But you can still fit cash in the form of coins and folded notes. Keep a piece of paper with important phone numbers and a record of policy numbers, your passport number and so on. Small valuables can also be stashed in the belt. Packed carefully to make sure there are no bulges, the belt looks just like a normal item of clothing with no sign of its contents.

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