Spork (Pack of 5 – Black) – Ideal for Camping – Combined Spoon, Fork and Knife


Have a spork to hand when you are traveling, at a festival, or out and about. Grab some food without fiddling with a flimsy plastic fork that breaks, or having to use your hands. You don’t need a full set of heavy cutlery when you have a lightweight, compact spork instead.


Multipack of 5 sporks.

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A spork is a must for any sort of traveling, going to festivals or out to events. You can snack on the go or eat a full meal without needing the fuss of a full set of cutlery or a weak little throwaway fork. Sporks slip into your bag easily but can make all the difference.

What’s a spork? A spork is a smart spoon-fork combo. This one even has a serrated edge to give you a bit of knife-power. It’s an all-in-one cutlery kit made from plastic to be lightweight, tough and super-useful.

It handles just like a normal piece of cutlery, though it looks a little different. There’s a spoon on one end and a fork at the other. The outer edge of the fork has serrations that can cut like a knife. So you have the full set of cutlery.

When does a spork come in handy?

Make sure you have a spork with you when you are going camping, to festivals, when you are traveling, having a day out at the park or beach, going to an event, food market or fair.

If you are camping, backpacking or traveling and are short on space then a spork is the perfect eating utensil. You don’t need large, heavy, metal cutlery. Everyone has their own lightweight, cutlery combo and your dining is taken care of.

When you have a spork to hand you are ready to eat wherever you are. Tuck into some food without unloading all your kitchen or cooking gear.

Our durable, lightweight spork has a spoon at one end and a fork with a serrated edge at the other. You can chop up your food with the knife edge and eat it with the fork, before switching over to the spoon for dessert. The tough plastic is easy to clean. Multiple sporks will fit together and stack easily for even more space saving.

Sporks mean no more single-use plastic cutlery

If you have a spork with you there’s no fussing around with flimsy disposable plastic forks that snap so easily. Or maybe there’s only a little fork when you really need a knife too. With a spork you have it all, in a better size and full strength. So a spork is much easier to use than the freebies handed out at food stalls.

It’s also great for the environment to stop those one-use plastic knives, forks, and spoons from ending up in landfill or clogging up beaches and poisoning the seas. If you are looking to go zero-waste, or even just trying to do your bit for the planet, then say no to single-use cutlery. Bring your own spork to festivals, food markets, fairs and events.

A ban on single-use plastic cutlery and straws has been proposed so a spork is about to be a must-have. Just like you take your bag for life with you to the shops you should be taking a spork with you when you head out.

Details, warranty and guarantee

The spork is 18cm long. A fork with four tines and a serrated edge are at one end, turn over and the other end has a spoon with a nicely deep bowl. There’s a gentle curve for balance and good hold.

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