Underwater Diving Torch (Black) – Waterproof (100m) 3000 Lumens


You need a diving torch for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and watersports but it also comes in handy when camping, hiking, fishing and traveling. This rugged torch stands up to hard work right down to 100m depths.


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Rugged, black diving torch for snorkeling, scuba diving, wild swimming, sailing and watersports that also comes in handy when camping, hiking, fishing and traveling.

Why do you need an underwater diving torch?

If you are a snorkeler or scuba diver you definitely need a well-made diving torch. This submersible torch is waterproof to 100m and 3000 lumens puts out a really bright light to give you great visibility underwater. It’s also important to have a torch for signalling and safety.

Watersports enthusiasts – if you are kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, yachting, sailing, jet skiing, or having any other awesome kind of fun on or in the water, you should think about an underwater diving torch too!

It’s not just about lighting things up under the water. You need a tough and durable torch that can survive the thrills and spills. Torches are a handy bit of kit to have around and you don’t want to lose your light – so make sure it is submersible and waterproof. They are also really useful in emergency situations and should be an essential part of your kit.

For anyone else, an underwater diving torch is a great pick if your torch might ever get wet. Which is a good chance when you are traveling, camping, fishing, backpacking, going to festivals or just braving the average British summer.

The underwater diving torch from Epic Traveller

This rugged torch has a fantastic grip, balances well and includes an adjustable wrist strap to keep it secure. The toggle on the strap helps you keep the torch in place and it has a reinforced sleeve on part of the strap for comfort and extra security.

At the same time, it is light and simple to use, and easy to carry with you. Slip it into your pocket, attach to your gear or stash in your pack. You could even use the strap with a carabiner for even more flexibility.

When you are travelling the torch doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage or bag. And of course, it can always double as your everyday torch – perfect if you are out in the wet and rain.

The diving torch is waterproof to 100m and provides 3000 lumens of light. It requires 18650 batteries which are not included. 18650 batteries are widely available in many shops, have rechargeable variations and pack a lot of power into their size.

To keep your torch in the best condition make sure to rinse it in clean water after it has been used. Allow it to dry out in a well-ventilated area.

  • Rugged, black, underwater diving torch. Use for snorkeling, scuba diving, wild swimming, sailing, watersports, fishing and even hiking, camping and traveling.
  • Waterproof and submersible to 100m, the equivalent of around 10ATM.
  • Puts out 3000 lumens of light – fantastic brightness, on a par with car headlights. A great choice for underwater and dark conditions.
  • Uses 18650 batteries, not included.

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