TSA Travel Locks – Pack of 3


Keep your belongings safe when you travel with EpicTraveller.co’s easy travel locks. A simple padlock with a combination code can be used on lockers, suitcases, luggage, or bags. It’s TSA-approved so they are suitable to use in the USA and worldwide.


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Keep your belongings safe when you travel with EpicTraveller.co’s easy travel locks.

Protect your suitcase, backpack or handbag with a secure but lightweight and discreet travel lock. Unfortunately, the safety and security of your luggage is a concern when travelling but you can take precautions. Becoming the victim of theft would really spoil your holiday or trip of a lifetime and just a few precautions can reduce the risk dramatically.

Extra security with travel locks

Our travel locks are available in packs of one or three. It’s not just your main suitcase that needs protection. The padlocks can be used for hand luggage, rucksacks or backpacks, gym or other lockers, at the office, securing valuables in your hotel or hostel, attaching small bags to larger ones to deter snatching, and locking down luggage while you are distracted or busy. Anywhere valuables are stored can be made extra secure with a travel lock.

A pickpocket or opportunistic thief is looking for the easiest pickings. Often just the sight of extra security in the form of a padlock is enough to deter these people. Ideally you don’t want to leave your belongings alone or unsupervised but even a small distraction can be used by thieves to make their move. If anyone does try to take the padlock on they will find the tough material is too hard to cut or tamper with.

Just a few extra moments spent thinking about how to secure your belongings and adding padlocks could make all the difference. You don’t want your trip ruined by a theft. Not only is it frustrating and upsetting but you could lose something essential and valuable. Then there is the added stress of trips to the police station, possibly the embassy, and filing all the insurance paperwork.

Padlocks are for more than just your checked luggage. Protect your cash and cards, valuables, electronics and equipment, documents and passport. Whether in your pack or left in your room you can use a padlock for an extra level of security.

More about our TSA approved travel locks

What does “TSA approved” mean?

The locks are TSA approved so your baggage won’t get held up in security and the locks can be used on checked luggage. This is the American Transportation Security Administration, who screen luggage and will use a master key to gain access. Locks that aren’t TSA approved could be destroyed to get into the luggage.

So TSA approved locks are a standard for travel in the United States and beyond. Epic Traveller’s locks are made to the Travel Sentry standard. They are a leading company in security standards and well-known across the world.

How do I set the combination?

Follow the instructions to easily set your combination on the lock. You can set a new combination by entering the current one and following the instructions again.

If you don’t want to use a combination at all and are looking for something more high tech then try the biometric fingerprint padlock. No keys or combination – it uses your fingerprint for speedy unlocking.

Enjoy worry-free and hassle-free travel using EpicTraveller.co’s travel locks.

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