Skipping Rope / Fast Jump Rope – Black with Plastic Handles – Ideal for CrossFit & MMA


Skipping is used by athletes of all kinds including boxers, in CrossFit and MMA, and by anyone looking for a fantastic work out for cardio and weight loss.


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Our strong, durable and flexible skipping rope is all you need to unlock the amazing benefits of skipping as exercise. The speed skipping rope is designed to help you get great speeds for the maximum work out and improve your technique with a smooth experience.

Perfect for high intensity interval training, cardio work, interval and circuit training.

How can using a skipping rope help you?

Skipping is fantastic exercise and used by top performers. It’s an essential part of training for boxers, MMA fighters and CrossFit enthusiasts. These athletes love the wide-ranging benefits of skipping as well as its low-tech setup. 

It’s such a great exercise because it works your legs, arms and is incredible for cardio. Skipping burns calories and makes for great weight loss as well as strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance and conditioning. It’s an all-round exercise perfect for when you are short on time or don’t have much equipment.

You can skip anywhere – indoors or outdoors, at home or at the gym. You just need the rope and you can get started exercising there and then. If you are travelling and focussing on body weight exercises then skipping is the perfect cardio accompaniment. Just one small skipping rope is all it takes.

A professional fast jump rope like this one allows you to reach greater speeds with more fluidity. So you can get the most out of your workout. You can even graduate to more complicated and challenging styles of skipping.

Skipping made easy

Our skipping rope is the perfect starting point for this amazing exercise. A handy pouch stops the rope getting tangled in your gym gear or unravelling in your packing.

The adjustable length can be customised for all heights. Check how long your rope should be by putting your foot on the centre to pin it to the ground, then holding both handles up against you. They should be level with your chest, just under your armpits. 

Perfect your technique using one of the many skipping tutorials on YouTube, many of which cater to particular styles, like skipping for boxers.

Check out some of the benefits of skipping:

  • Skipping is a high intensity workout for cardio and weight loss used by boxers, in CrossFit and MMA.
  • Recommended for HIT intensity interval training, interval and circuit training as fantastic cardio exercise as well as strength and conditioning for the arms and legs.
  • Burn huge amounts of calories with skipping for a great weight loss work out with no equipment necessary other than the rope.
  • Our skipping rope is lightweight, designed for a smooth experience to help you get a good speed and rhythm going for the best work out.
  • The handles are easy to grip and shaped to stop your hands from slipping.
  • Skip inside or outside, at the gym or at home. Simple but effective exercise for everyone and the rope can be customised for different heights.

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