Protein Shaker Mixer with Metal Ball – Sports Supplement Shaker


Shake it up! Get your protein mix, smoothies and juices on the go with a protein shaker. The metal ball stops your mix settling at the bottom, give it a quick shake and you are ready to get some goodness into you.


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Stop your drink from settling and smash those dry lumps with a protein shaker.

Smoothies, powdered drinks, and protein shakes are great for your health but can be less than pleasant to actually drink – especially if you are mixing them up while you are out and about. For breakfast on your commute or a post-gym protein boost you don’t have a blender to hand. Our protein shaker with metal ball has you covered.

All the advantages of a protein shaker

Whether you are building up muscle with extra protein or slimming down with a powdered meal plan the challenge is the same. You need to be at work, at the gym, taking your drink on your commute and packing it all into your busy lifestyle.

The instructions may say you can simply shake the mix up but we all know that leads to dry lumps and clumps that are no fun to drink. Plus, once you make it up you have a race to drink up before it starts to settle and you’ve got thick sludge at the bottom. Or your healthy smoothie starts to develop colourful layers as it separates. Not exactly appetising.

If you are fixing a protein drink on the go then the ball helps you get a great blend. A big old lump of protein powder is no fun to come across in your drink. Or you can mix your shake in advance and take it out to the gym or on the commute and the ball stops your shake from settling and keeps your ingredients mixed together.

If you like a fruitful smoothie you don’t have to drink it straight out the blender. Your smoothie ingredients will start to settle quickly. But the ball in the shaker keeps things mixed up and you can give it a quick shake to re-blend. So you can take your smoothie out on the road with you.

What makes this protein shaker special?

A protein shaker stops your shake or smoothie settling. So you don’t need to be hanging around a blender all the time. Dump in your powder and add water on the go – the shaker and metal ball gets it all mixed up for you. Or make a smoothie in advance and use the shaker quickly before you drink to get it mixed up again.

The protein shaker features a secure clip lid for drinking from and is easy to clean out. A good wide mouth makes for easy drinking.

The real winner is the metal ball. Rattling around in the bottom of the shaker it keeps your drink stirred up. The metal is durable and easy to clean. Having the ball makes a real difference to the smoothness of your drink and one that you will notice right away.

Perfect for the gym, to keep at home in the fridge, or for packing in your bag.

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