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The hygiene and personal care travel products at Epic Traveller include everything you need to take care of yourself while on the road.

Travelling doesn’t mean neglecting personal care or grooming. Even if you are getting out into the wilds you still need to take care of yourself. These items will prove their worth in any travel situation.

From washing and personal hygiene to laundry, we have big ideas about what will help and are committed to a great range and even better value.

Our products are carefully selected to make your epic travels easier. An emphasis is on being lightweight and compact, easy to fit into luggage and on providing a big benefit.

Check out our personal care travel products

These are chosen as must-have items for personal care, grooming, and personal hygiene while you are away.

For a gap year or just a festival weekend, these personal care travel products will get used every day. They earn their space in your packing by being so useful and having multiple uses in many cases.

The folding mirror offers you the flexibility to turn any space into a chance to brush your teeth, shave, wash your face or apply makeup. Whether it’s while camping, in a hostel or a well-appointed hotel, you get that bit more flexibility.

If you are off skiing you know how important it is to take care of your feet. Getting wet and cold can ruin your day on the slopes. So make sure to stock up on specialist skiing socks – ours are vegan too!

Whether you are doing full-on laundry in your room or just hanging up some clothes in your camp to dry, you need a travel clothes line. So many uses, so handy, packs up tiny and doesn’t even need pegs.

And the big one – a camping tent. Perfect for vanlife, hostelling, festivals and camping to get a private shower without the need for electricity or plumbing.

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