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Have a look through Epic Traveller’s fitness travel products to find the best pieces for exercise and fitness whether at home or off on your adventures.

Our fitness category includes fitness equipment like the skipping rope, products for looking after your sports equipment, and great accessories like the protein shaker.

So whether you are travelling, training for your adventures at home, or getting in shape, you can find exactly what you need here with our fitness travel products.

Fitness travel products for home and abroad!

Just because it’s designed for travel doesn’t mean it isn’t great to use at home too. Travel and fitness enthusiasts can use these items at home or while travelling. Handy and flexible items are useful wherever you find yourself.

Mix yourself up a quick protein shake or smoothie with the protein shaker. Perfect for drinking your breakfast on your commute, topping up the protein after a gym session, enjoying a refreshing smoothie, or making up a powdered meal. The smart metal ball keeps your drink mixed and stops it settling.

Fitness accessories like the ski bands make a real difference. Look after your skis on the piste, while stored at home or practicing on the dry ski slopes.

Jumping rope is a fantastic exercise practiced particularly in CrossFit, MMA, for boxers and more. And it hardly needs any equipment – making it perfect for exercise while travelling for business or pleasure. As well as at home or in the gym. Our small, lightweight, high speed skipping rope can slip into your backpack, luggage, or your gym bag.

Wherever you are working on your health and fitness these are the fitness travel products you need. Make the most of your travels and have adventures in the great outdoors skiing or with watersports. Keep up your exercise routines with simple and straightforward equipment.

Everything you need is here – view all our fitness travel products.